Our bar opens on 8:30 am and let you savour:

  • PFAFF coffee (best roaster 2014), Macchiato, Cappuccino,
  • Teas 'origin' and/or flavored, from Georges CANNON,
  • Beers BOURGANEL from Ardèche, bottle or draught,
  • Fruit juices Alain MILLIAT,
  • MONIN's syrups,
  • ...

But also whiskies, rums, and alcohols from our cellar. And of course our red, white, and rosé wines (by the bottle or by the glass).

Moreover, you can choose products from our delicatessen to go with your drink : biscuits, crisps, dried fruits, etc.

List photographs : Julie Saut

Photograph : Julie Saut

Worth tasting, our

Breakfast menu

€ 5,90

1 hot drink (coffee, latte, hot chocolate, tea)

1 orange juice 20cl

1 choice of viennoiserie* (pain au chocolat or croissant)

1 bread with butter + 1 choice of jam.

* Brunel bakery