Discover Pont Saint Esprit

Pont Saint Esprit and its old town. You may wander in its little streets and discover its gorgeous monuments to visit. Many associations are very active restoring and maintaining Pont Saint Esprit cutural heritage : Renaissance du vieux Pont Saint Esprit, Université populaire vivre Pont Saint Esprit, Les amis du Chant de la Terre

The Saint Esprit bridge 1265-1309

This bridge crossing the river 'Rhône' has been extended, modified, mutilated (Back to the 19th century, an arch replaced two stone arches). Its story intrigues lots of people. It is the symbol of Pont Saint Esprit.

The Saint-Saturnin church

This parish church built during the 13th century has been partially destroyed, then restored in the 19th century. Monumental paintings, relics, sculptures.

The hospital's chapel

The outdoor frontage restored in 1851, for a building built during earlier eras. Paintings and baroque woodwork.

The museum of sacred art of the Gard

Since July 1995, the Piolenc's house, Rhône valley's wheat merchants dynasty, is open to public. It contains the museum of sacred art, which proposes a cultural approach of the Christian Occident religious feeling. The visit of the house allows to discover sumptuous decorations painted on walls and ceilings, from the 14th and 15th centuries.

The penitents' chapel

Named "Mistral room". Built during the 17th century under the authority of a penitents brotherhood, it lost its religious vocation.

The hospital's washing place

Built in 1830, it looks like a Roman temple, and shows strange sculptures on its frontage.

The saint-Pierre church

At the beginning, in possession of the Cluny abbey in the 9th century, this church modified during the 17th century eventually lost its religious vocation. A splendid cupola set on it.

The cock fountain

Set on the "allées Mistral", built under Louis Philippe's reign, it symbolises the Gallic spirit and the unity of the French people.

The fountain of the navigation

Built in 1838, set on the "place de la République", it has been called "Diane's fountain" for a long time.